What is OOS?

The INSEARCH Online Offer System (OOS) is a tool to help you go through the application steps with a potential student directly at your partner. OOS can be accessed on-line via the internet.

OOS is a system that allows partners to generate an INSEARCH offer letter and UTS Conditional offer letter, on the spot. OOS assists partners in generating the correct study plan and duration of English required for selected UTS degree and INSEARCH course.

OOS is used by INSEARCH to help streamline the entire application process from the time a student makes an initial inquiry about a course to the generation of an offer letter. OOS provides accurate and instantaneous information about the most appropriate course for the prospective student to apply for based on their current level of education, start and finish dates, and course fees.

OOS is an interface between the partner and INSEARCH's student administration system. An application lodged through OOS appears in the INSEARCH student administration system as if it had been input directly by INSEARCH staff. If the student has the necessary qualifications an offer letter can be printed and given to the student. If the student subsequently decides to take up the offer, the application can be printed and signed then sent to INSEARCH via email, fax or post.